Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Glitter Candle Votive

Hello my Do-it Yourselfers!

I found the most adorable (and simple) blog post on how to make glitter candle votives and decided to do my own twist on it.  See the original blog that I got the idea from HERE. I thought stripes of glitter would look cute so I busted out the scotch tape and went to town!

I like how these look like glittery sand–I love the beachy look!

First, I selected the glass candle votives I wanted to glitter-fy. I used old medium sized candles from Bath and Body Works that has nothing left to burn and cleaned the wax and wick out…voila! Perfect tea light candle votive. You can also use a store bought candle and just remove the label. ☺

You will need:

-Glass candle votives
-Glitter (The finer the glitter, the easier it adheres to the modpodge)
-Smaller paintbrush
-Something to cover the work area (I just used newspaper)
-Scotch tape or painters tape
-Tea light


1. Cover your work area to keep it clean, I don’t understand it but somehow glitter always seems to multiply!

2. Make sure the outside of the glass is clean so everything will adhere evenly.

3. Tape off the sections you don’t want glitter on. For solid glitter, I still taped off about ¼ in on the top and the bottom of the votive so the glitter coating looked more structured. For stripes, I taped off the top and bottom again and then also a band of tape around the middle of the votive.

(Tip: for the middle band of tape, be sure to leave one end of the tape sticking out, it will make it so much easier to remove later if you don’t have to dig through glue and glitter to find the end of the tape.)

4. Once tape is fully adhered, paint on the modpodge using a paintbrush, do a fairly thin coat but make sure it is opaque.

5. Dust on the glitter of your choice! I used Recollections Extra Fine Glitter in Champagne. Be sure it is fully coated and no glue is showing.

6. Let dry then peel off the tape.

7. Place tea light into the now glittery and chic votive, and you’re done!

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